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Adjunct Workshop with Queen of Craft


Why is there milk in my beer? What’s the deal with all of the fruit in your beers?

We get a lot of questions about the adjuncts that we use in our beer. As more and more craft breweries use ingredients like lactose, fruit, spices and even veggies, we want to educate you on these adjuncts and show you just how much they add to the beer you drink.

We’re joining forces with the amazing ladies of Queen of Craft to present a fun, tasty and informative workshop on Wednesday, July 3rd from 7-9pm, where you will learn all about the ingredients we use in beer, why we use them, and how they change the flavour of beer.

The workshop includes nine 3oz samples of beer brewed with different adjuncts, and we’ll guide you through tasting each one. We will give you an overview of each adjunct, some history and information about them and the flavours that they add to a beer. We’re also throwing in a bit of beer trivia with some wicked prizes!

Everyone is welcome!

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Sacha Hamilton.

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