Pilot Batch — Mr. Chamomile

for our members only!

We have our first Pilot Batch to share with our members — Mr. Chamomile IPA!

It’s a SMASH beer (single malt and single hop), made with Maris Otter malt and Columbus hops (an American hop that has floral, herbal & licorice notes). It’s brewed with chamomile and mango juice, and dry-hopped with Columbus hops and even more chamomile!

We want to let our members decide if we should brew this beer and release it to the public, so come in starting today at noon, and you will get a free 12oz pour of Mr. Chamomile. The only thing we ask is that you to please fill out the form below after you drink the beer and let us know your feedback.

Mr. Chamomile will be available until the keg runs out!


Mr. Chamomile Feedback Form:

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