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Ainslie Wood Community Market @ Grain&Grit

Call for market vendors!

Every Saturday, 12-4pm
June 23rd – September 22nd

We’re excited to be hosting an Ainslie Wood Community Market at the brewery every Saturday from 11am-3pm, starting on June 23rd and running until the end of September. We’re looking for up to 8 vendors to fill our parking lot up with a variety of local goodies, from food to handmade goods. Check out the information below and please fill out the form to apply!


Ainslie Wood Community Market Rates

Full-time Vendor (14 dates): $10 per date + HST — Make a single payment for the full 14 market dates to receive this pre-paid, full-time vendor rate.

Part-time Vendor (fewer than 15 dates): $15 per date + HST — Vendors must sign up for at least 4 consecutive weeks to get this rate and be considered a Part-time Vendor.

Drop-in Vendor: $20 + HST per date — We will have a couple of spots for drop-in vendors every week. The fee must be paid before 5pm on the Wednesday before a market date.

A space will be held for you only after payment has been received. Once paid, date changes are not allowed and there will be no refunds for cancellations. Payment can be made by cheque (payable to Grain and Grit LTD.), email money transfer to joe(at), or by credit at the brewery.

Market Application Form

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Primary Contact
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If you selected Part-time Vendor or Drop-in Vendor, please specify the dates you're interested in attending the market:

The market operates Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm weekly from June 23, 2018 to September 22, 2018. Set-up begins at 10 am. All vendors are expected to be prepared to sell promptly at 11 am, The vendor must be parked at his/her assigned parking area by 10:45 am on the day of market. If a vendor arrives after 10:45 am it is a safety hazard for the vendor to take their vehicle to the assigned space and the vehicle will be unloaded from the vendor parking area. If a vendor is not in their space by 10:45am and has not informed the Market Manager that he/she will be late by 10:45 am, the vendor will forfeit his/her spot for that day. Market ends at 3 pm with no sales occurring before 11 am. Vendors are not required to stay until the market closes, even if all goods are sold. All vendors are expected to be out of the market site by 3:30 pm.

Each vendor must supply his/her own tent, canopies, tables, chairs, weather protection and display equipment. Each vendor is solely responsible for any damages or personal injury resulting from its equipment or set-up. We can supply electricity to a limited number of vendors, please specify if you need electricity in the comments section on the application form. 

The Market will not be canceled due to rain. The Market will allow the vendor the decision to, at its own risk, leave or stay and carry on in the event the Market is called due to threatening weather. However, in such circumstances, staff may not be present and is not responsible for any damage. When rain is accompanied by lightning and/or high winds, it may be necessary for vendors to drop their tents to their lowest levels and take cover. Canceling or closing the Market early will be handled on an independent basis.

If you have any questions about the market, please contact Lindsey at hello(at)